About Us

Who We Are & What We Do

Cosan is a cyber security solutions and services provider that assists organisations to identify vulnerabilities, protect sensitive data and remain compliant. Our mission is to empower you with the confidence and controls to securely access, use and share information both internally and across the Internet.

So, why choose Cosan?

We Are Qualified and Experienced to Protect You

Our Consultants have over 14 years’ experience in providing security expertise to clients in finance, military, local government and the private sector.

When you engage with us, you will only work with a Consultant that has a strong commercial IT background, has been fully vetted, and holds industry recognised accreditations from organisations and vendors including CREST, Cisco, Fortinet, Offensive Security, SafeNet and Symantec.

If you are serious about making your organisation better protected against Cyber Threats, we are qualified and able to help.

We Communicate with You

Information Security is often a complicated and confusing process to manage, even knowing the necessity to keep our organisations protected.

Although our work is extremely technical, we pride ourselves on our strong inter-personal skills, integrity, and our ability to form strong relationships with all of our customers.

Clients find when they talk to Cosan, they clearly understand why certain measures need to be taken and how they apply to their business.

We Are Approachable

It is our business to provide the safeguards you need and that starts with giving you straightforward advice. We’ll help you decide upon the right solution and service to identify risks and secure your infrastructure and data.

We want you to feel comfortable asking questions. It is important to feel confident in your understanding not only of the risks but in how they can be mitigated.  When a consultant works with you, you want to feel that your questions will be answered unreservedly and this is where we differ from larger (and more expensive) Security Consultancies who may send a less communicative consultant.

What Steps Should You Take?

Get in touch to ask our advice. We are here to help you select the right security solutions and services your organisation needs to protect itself against Cyber Threats.

Our Office

Cosan Ltd
St James Business Centre
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Phone: 0845 496 7396
Email: info@cosan.co.uk

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